No. Title Author Date Journal Publication
4 Curly: An AI-based Curling Robot Successfully Competing in the Olympic Discipline of Curling Dong-Ok Won, Byung-Do Kim, Ho-Jung Kim, Tae-San Eom, Klaus-Robert Müller, Seong-Whan Lee 2018-07-17 IJCAI-ECAI-18 Korea Uni., TU Berlin
3 Deep Reinforcement Learning in Continuous Action Spaces: a Case Study in the Game of Simulated Curli Kyowoon Lee, Sol-A Kim, Jaesik Choi, Seong-Whan Lee 2018-07-11 ICML 2018 UNIST, Korea Uni.
2 Deep Asymmetric Multi-task Feature Learning Hae Beom Lee, Eunho Yang, Sung Ju Hwang 2018-07-11 ICML 2018 UNIST, KAIST
1 Learning to transfer initializations for Bayesian hyperparameter optimization Jungtaek Kim, Saehoon Kim, Seungjin Choi 2017-12-09 NIPS workshop on Bayesian Optimization POSTECH, AITRICS