Title Author Date Journal Publication
Mode Variational LSTM Robust to Unseen Modes of Variation: Application to Facial Expression Recognit Wissam J. Baddar, Yong Man Ro 2019-01-30 AAAI-19 KAIST
DropMax : Adaptive Variational Softmax Hae Beom Lee, Juho Lee, Saehoon Kim, Eunho Yang, Sung Ju Hwang 2018-12-08 NeurIPS 2018 KAIST, AITRICS
Uncertainty-Aware Attention for Reliable Interpretation and Prediction Jay Heo, Hae Beom Lee, Saehoon Kim, Juho Lee, Kwang Joon Kim, Eunho Yang, Sung Ju Hwang 2018-12-08 NeurIPS 2018 UNIST, KAIST, AITRICS, Yonsei Uni.,
TAEML: Task-adaptive ensemble of meta-learners Minseop Park, Saehoon Kim, Jungtaek Kim, Yanbin Liu, Seungjin Choi 2018-12-08 NeurIPS 2018 workshop AITRICS, POSTECH, UTS
Joint Active Feature Acquisition and Classification with Variable-Size Set Encoding Hajin Shim, Sung Ju Hwang, Eunho Yang 2018-12-08 NeurIPS 2018 KAIST
Learning Group Structure of Deep Neural Networks with an Expectation Maximization Method Subin Yi, Jaesik Choi 2018-10-11 ICDM Workshop on Deep Learning and Clustering UNIST
Probabilistic Source Separation on resting-state fMRI and Its Use for Early MCI Identification Eunsong Kang, Heung-Il Suk 2018-09-18 MICCAI 2018 Korea Uni.
Curly: An AI-based Curling Robot Successfully Competing in the Olympic Discipline of Curling Dong-Ok Won, Byung-Do Kim, Ho-Jung Kim, Tae-San Eom, Klaus-Robert Müller, Seong-Whan Lee 2018-07-17 IJCAI-ECAI-18 Korea Uni., TU Berlin
Discovering Relational Covariance Structures for Explaining Multiple Time Series Anh Tong, Jaesik Choi 2018-07-17 IJCAI Workshop on Statistical Relational AI UNIST
Deep Asymmetric Multi-task Feature Learning Hae Beom Lee, Eunho Yang, Sung Ju Hwang 2018-07-11 ICML 2018 UNIST, KAIST