Title Author Date Journal Publication
Implicit Jacobian regularization weighted with impurity of probability output Sungyoon Lee, Jinseong Park, Jaewook Lee 2023-07-23 ICML 2023 Hanyang Uni., Seoul National Uni.
Explainable AI-Based Interface System for Weather Forecasting Model Soyeon Kim, Junho Choi, Yeji Choi, Subeen Lee, Artyom Stitsyuk, Minkyoung Park, Seongyeop Jeong, You-Hyun Baek & Jaesik Choi 2023-07-23 HCII 2023 KAIST, SI-Analytics, NIMS, INEEJI
Differentially Private Sharpness-Aware Training Jinseong Park, Hoki Kim, Yujin Choi, Jaewook Lee 2023-07-23 ICML 2023 Seoul National Uni.
Variational Curriculum Reinforcement Learning for Unsupervised Discovery of Skills Seongun Kim, Kyowoon Lee, Jaesik Choi 2023-07-23 ICML 2023 SAIL, KAIST, UNIST
FactKG: Fact Verification via Reasoning on Knowledge Graphs Jiho Kim, Sungjin Park, Yeonsu Kwon, Yohan Jo, James Thorne, Edward Choi 2023-07-09 ACL 2023 KAIST
Parallel Diffusion Models of Operator and Image for Blind Inverse Problems Hyungjin Chung, Jeongsol Kim, Sehui Kim, Jong Chul Ye 2023-06-18 CVPR 2023 KAIST
Demystifying Causal Features on Adversarial Examples and Causal Inoculation for Robust Network by Adversarial Instrumental Variable Regression Junho Kim, Byung-Kwan Lee, Yong Man Ro 2023-06-18 CVPR 2023 KAIST
Compensatory Debiasing For Gender Imbalances In Language Models Tae-Jin Woo, Woo-Jeoung Nam, Yeong-Joon Ju, Seong-Whan Lee 2023-06-04 ICASSP 2023 Korea Uni., Kyungpook National Uni.,
Exploration into Translation-Equivariant Image Quantization Woncheol Shin, Gyubok Lee, Jiyoung Lee, Eunyi Lyou, Joonseok Lee, Edward Choi 2023-06-04 ICASSP 2023 KAIST, Seoul National Uni., Google Research
A Privacy-preserving mean–variance optimal portfolio Junyoung Byun, Hyungjin Ko, Jaewook Lee 2023-06-01 Finance research letters Seoul National Uni.