Title Author Date Journal Publication
MHCanonNet: Multi-Hypothesis Canonical Lifting Network for Self-supervised 3D Human Pose Estimation in the wild Video Hyun-Woo Kim, Gun-Hee Lee, Woo-Jeoung Nam, Kyung-Min Jin, Tae-Kyung Kang, Geon-Jun Yang 2024-01-01 Pattern recognition Korea Uni., Kyungpook National Uni.
A Deepfake Video Detection Considering Sequential Keyframes and An Estimation of Fake Area by Input Attribution HaYoung Park, Young Han Lee, Sangkeun Lee, and Choongsang Cho 2023-12-22 조충상 journal of boardcasing engineering
Toward practical and plausible counterfactual explanation through latent adjustment in disentangled space Seung-Hyup Na, Woo-Jeoung Nam, Seong-Whan Lee 2023-12-15 Expert systems with applications Korea Uni. , Kyungpook National Uni.
VisAlign: Dataset for Measuring the Degree of Alignment between AI and Humans in Visual Perception Jiyoung Lee, Seungho Kim, Seunghyun Won, Joonseok Lee, Marzyeh Ghassemi, James Thorne, Jaeseok Choi, O-Kil Kwon, Edward Choi 2023-12-10 NeurIPS 2023 KAIST, Seoul National Uni., Bundang Hosp., MIT, Uni. of Toronto, Vector Inst., Kangwon National Uni.
Fantastic Robustness Measures: The Secrets of Robust Generalization Hoki Kim, Jinseong Park, Yujin Choi, Jaewook Lee 2023-12-10 NeurIPS 2023 Seoul National Uni.
GEX: A flexible method for approximating influence via Geometric Ensemble Sung-Yub Kim, Kyungsu Kim 2023-12-10 NeurIPS 2023 KAIST, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Refining Diffusion Planner for Reliable Behavior Synthesis by Automatic Detection of Infeasible Plans Kyowoon Lee, Seongun Kim, Jaesik Choi 2023-12-10 NeurIPS 2023 KAIST, UNIST, INEEJI
Impact of Co-occurrence on Factual Knowledge of Large Language Models Cheongwoong Kang, Jaesik Choi 2023-12-06 EMNLP SAIL, KAIST
A privacy-preserving robo-advisory system with the Black-Litterman portfolio model: A new framework and insights into investor behavior Hyungjin Ko, Junyoung Byun, Jaewook Lee 2023-12-01 JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL MARKETS INSTITUTIONS & MONEY Seoul National Uni.
Bootstrap Your Own Skills: Learning to Solve New Tasks with Large Language Model Guidance Jesse Zhang, Jiahui Zhang, Karl Pertsch, Ziyi Liu, Xiang Ren, Minsuk Chang, Shao-Hua Sun, Joseph J. Lim 2023-11-06 CoRL 2023 USC, Google AI, National Taiwan Uni., KAIST