No. Title Author Date Journal Publication
105 경사 부스팅 모델의 설명 제공 김혁동, 조소희, 최재식 2020-12-21 KSC2020 KAIST
104 Rotation-Invariant Local-to-Global Representation Learning for 3D Point Cloud Seohyun Kim, JaeYoo Park, Bohyung Han 2020-12-09 NeurIPS 2020 Seoul National Uni.
103 Reinforcement Learning for Control with Multiple Frequencies Jongmin Lee, Byung-Jun Lee, Kee-Eung Kim 2020-12-06 NeurIPS 2020 KAIST
102 Variational Interaction Information Maximization for Cross-domain Disentanglement HyeongJoo Hwang, Geon-Hyeong Kim, Seunghoon Hong, Kee-Eung Kim 2020-12-06 NeurIPS 2020 KAIST
101 Attribution Preservation in Network Compression for Reliable Network Interpretation Geondo Park, June Yong Yang, Sung Ju Hwang, Eunho Yang 2020-12-06 NeurIPS 2020 KAIST, AITRICS
100 CSI: Novelty Detection via Contrastive Learning on Distributionally Shifted Instances Jihoon Tack, Sangwoo Mo, Jongheon Jeong, Jinwoo Shin 2020-12-06 NeurIPS 2020 KAIST
99 Learning to Adapt to Unseen Abnormal Activities under Weak Supervision Jaeyoo Park, Junha Kim, Bohyung Han 2020-11-30 ACCV 2020 Seoul National Uni.
98 Less is More: Attention Supervision with Counterfactuals for Text Classification Seungtaek Choi, Haeju Park, Jinyoung Yeo, Seung-won Hwang 2020-11-16 EMNLP Yonsei Uni.
97 Learning Style Correlation for Elaborate Few-Shot Classification Junho Kim, Minsu Kim, Jung Uk Kim, Hong Joo Lee, Sangmin Lee, Joanna Hong, Yong Man Ro 2020-10-27 ICIP 2020 KAIST
96 Conditional Response Augmentation for Dialogue using Knowledge Distillation Myeongho Jeong, Seungtaek Choi, Hojae Han, Kyungho Kim, Seung-won Hwang 2020-10-25 INTERSPEECH 2020 Yonsei Uni.